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Floor Scrapers

Floor Scrapers

Large Floor Scrapers are useful in removing previous coatings, adhesives, and other caked on debris when preparing your garage floor for coating.  Often old coatings will simply lift off the floor with a light scraping saving you time having to remove it by grinding. 

Small paint style scarpers are perfect for spreading filler material for repairing spalling and cracks in the concrete floor.

14"- 20" Drywall Taping Knives are great for knocking down the decorative paint chip flecks before top coating with a clear finish.   

Razor scrapers are another useful tool for all types or painting project prep work.

"Here's a great video discussing floor preparation importance and what to look for to avoid problems when coating your concrete floor.  Areas addressed are moisture testing, acid etching, floor grinding, grease and oil cleaning, and other materials that may afect the bonding of your epoxy, concrete stain or other follor coating material.