Rust-Oleum 215173 EPOXYShield Concrete Patch, 24-Ounce

Rust-Oleum 215173 EPOXYShield Concrete Patch, 24-Ounce

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Rust-Oleum EPOXYShield Concrete Patch & Repair is a two-part, industrial strength epoxy formulated to repair cracks and breaks in concrete. This fast drying formula can be painted in only 8 hours.

Rust-Oleum 215173 Concrete Patch And RepairRust-Oleum 215173 Concrete Patch And Repair Features:; Permanently bonds concrete ; Apply to concrete, masonry or metal for stronger than concrete protection; Use for patching cracks and holes ; Use indoor or outdoor ; Fast curing, paintable in 8 hours (more…)

Quikrete Epoxy Garage Floor Coatings

Valspar 002.0050026.022 Quikrete Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

This water based, 2 part epoxy provides the toughest garage floor protection in 1 coat. This epoxy is fortified with new heavy duty resin technology to provide superior durability. It beautifies and protects with a durable finish that protects against damage from automotive chemicals and road debris.  This epoxy floor coating kit contains enough material to coat a 1 car garage.  Even includes the decorative flecks.

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Muriatic Acid Washing the Floor? Be sure to neutralize the floor before coating.

Garage Floor BufferWhen preparing a floor for a coating, the process will usually involve an muriatic acid wash.  However, the surface must be neutralized before applying any type of coatings.  We use 10 parts water to one part household ammonia.  Rinse the garage floor thoroughly, and broom it real heavily to get all the residual acid off.  I like to use a commercial floor scrubber with a white pad.  It works so much more efficiently.  You can rent a scrubber from the home improvement store.  About $25 for a day, it’s well worth the rental price – especially if you have a large garage.

The key to that is once it’s neutralized & rinsed off,  rinse it off a second time.  Then take a pH Pool Test Strip and put it down in the wet concrete with the pad side down.  Look at the pH and make sure that pH is in the 7 range.  If you don’t get that acid off and you put on your top coat then it won’t bond and it’ll fail.   You don’t want it to be too alkaline either.  The expansion joints is where the muriatic acid will tend to settle, so be sure those areas have more attention in the cleaning process.

2 and 4 Post Garage Lift Reviews

Every car enthusiast should intend about buying a 2 post lift to work on their car.

It can be used in the garage and used for working on cars that need to be maintained. This car lift is used to lift a vehicle to several feet from the desktop so that the mechanic can get adequate lieu below to do what he needs.

If you didn’t know already, there are many types of car lifts available- some of them have two posts while some have four.Here are the differences between them,

will need the least ball over space compared to other types of lift, whereas 4 post lifts will take a lower case more of space since it has 4 posts, each of which requires a unchanging base.

A one-third type of lift is termed a scissor lift, and while this takes up even less space than either of the two preciously mentioned lifts, it is not able as easy to use.

Height: If the cap of your garage is low, then the only way is to use scissor lift. Its average height is about 60 inches. The other kinds of lifts need about 12 feet. You may sometimes be able to get a 2 post lift that requires less height.

Ease of use: The 4 post lift and scissor can be moved from one place to another with little difficultness.

However, you cannot move a 2 post lift because it has to be connected to the floor. When you use a two post lift you can easily get to the wheels of the vehicle whereas with others you need to have the jacks and axle stands to lift the car. But if you want to use it as a raised storage then the 4 post one is the best choice.

Price: A scissor lift costs about $1000, the 2 post lift about $2000 and for the 4 post lift about $3000.

Take into account all these factors and decide which one will do the best for you. If you think floor space is very important then consider a 2 post auto lift. If your budget matters then it would be best to go for the scissor type lift.

imagine that buying a car lift is a huge investment, but if you work on your car or vehicle regularly then it can really save you time. Since time is money, think of one as being a sound investment!

Quikrete Garage Floor Epoxy Installation

It’s easy to install the Quikrete garage floor epoxy coating system. This comes as a kit designed to cover a 1 car garage (approximately 200 sq. feet).  The essentials included in a kit: 

  • Bond Lok  all-in-one cleaner, degreaser, and etcher
  • Part A Latex Based Colorant
  • Part B Epoxy Coating Hardener
  • Decorative Colored Flecks
  • Instructional DVD

 Tan or Gray are available through many merchants and over 60 custom colors can be ordered through Lowes Home Improvement stores.  Additional recommended items for installation are :

  • Safety Goggles
  • Rubber or Latex Gloves
  • 1 Gallon Sprinkling Can
  • Stiff Broom
  • 3″ Bristle Paint Brush
  • 3/8″ Nap Roller and Long Handle
  • Paint tray

In the following video they use a shaker method for dispersing the flakes.  I prefer to put them in my hand and toss them up to the ceiling, letting them scatter in a more uniform pattern.  When you apply them by shaking the bottle, you will find areas with more flakes than others and it’s just not a professional look.

I found the best prices online for Quikrete Garage Floor Epoxy Coating Kits at Here are some handy links to get you there. If you purchase from my links I may receive a small commission. That helps keep this site running  – Just keeping it honest.


You may be wondering if a micro-topping can be used to repair a garage floor.  Why yes it can!  Micro-toppings can repair surface imperfections and provide a clean canvas for acid staining or other concrete coatings.   A high density micro-topping can be used in the garage for a floor that’s really damaged with lots of pits in the floor.   You can even get creative with to make it look like stone or brick by stamping it.  Stamps can be rent at many of the decorative concrete supply houses.   However, an average person probably shouldn’t tackle this project due the complexity of lining the stamps up to make it appear natural.  Professional installation is double or triple the cost than a typical epoxy flooring.  It is a more decorative look and unique and I’ve even seen stamped concrete flooring that simulates real wood. 

Here’s a great video on how to apply a micro topic and the tools that are needed.

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